Our Name

Recognized throughout Canada as one of the most trusted names in hotels, restaurants, sports, and construction, Northland Properties Corporation is the force behind such brands as Sandman Hotel Group, The Sutton Place Hotels, Moxie’s Grill & Bar, Chop Steakhouse & Bar, Denny’s Restaurants, the Dallas Stars, and Northland Asset Management Company.

Incorporated in 1963 by our founder, Bob Gaglardi, what began as a small business dedicated to good customer service has flourished into a diversified group of companies that are quickly expanding, growing, and innovating every day. As Canada’s fastest growing hospitality group, we find our strength in our people and believe this is the foundation to our continued success.

Proud to be 100% Canadian-owned and operated, we have head offices in both Calgary and Vancouver and employ over 10,000 talented individuals across the nation.


Our Vision

At Northland, we do business that just makes sense. We purchase and build upon our own property, and we also use our own construction and design teams.


Our Vision

We create a strong synergy between our brands. During our planning phase, we tailor our various products and brands to the local marketplace. Often, at our locations you will see more than one brand working together to compliment a specific site.

Together, this synergy creates exemplary experiences for our clients who, time and time again, tell us how we provide them with convenience and consistency – whether it is at a Sandman, Moxie’s, Shark Club, Denny’s, office building, or beyond.


Our People

Our people are our strength. At Northland, we value those who have the vision and passion to take what they are given and make it better. It is important for us to create a work environment that fosters growth and opportunity because each and every person here is an essential part of the whole.

Many of our personnel have been with us for years because our infrastructure promotes both personal and professional growth in a multitude of ways. By nurturing progress in our people, we nurture progress in our business and this is the ultimate partnership.

Always seeking talent that strives for excellence, we welcome you to join our team.


Our Promise

Our Communities

We are committed to the community. We recognize that communities are much richer with the support of its corporate citizens. To that end, we endorse many local initiatives and provide the resources of our employees and our facilities to assist many local groups. Whether it is assisting to raise money for a hospital or service club, or sponsoring a door prize, our local communities know they can count on our support.

We have also assisted groups in creating walking/nature trails on our property and sponsored various events and individuals to assist them in achieving their goals.


Smart decisions

The Environment

For our future

Much is said about our environment and the need for us all to be thinking about the impact today’s decisions have on our future. In our facilities, we are ever conscious of the need to conserve and demonstrate a caring attitude towards our environment.

We subscribe to the three ‘R’s’ of recycling in all of our divisions. It starts with our construction sites and their ability to recycle as much material as possible from one site to another, right through to our restaurants who recycle cooking oils. In our hotels, we even ask our guests to participate in helping reduce excessive laundry waste.

With the combined recycling efforts of our laundries, restaurants, and energy committees, we are constantly trying to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Annual reviews of our energy consumption, waste removal/recycling, and in-house initiatives are conducted. New ideas and suggestions are distributed throughout the company for the express purpose of minimizing our impact on both the local and global environment.

Northland Properties Corporation made our environmental initiatives a priority by hiring an Energy Manager responsible for optimizing energy consumption throughout the organization.

We subscribe to the three ‘R’s’ of recycling in all of our divisions and departments.


Our Customers

Northland recognizes our role as a leader in the Hospitality industry and to be a leader, we must commit to our customers. We are constantly evaluating our product and improving it to meet the needs of our customers and the local marketplace. Whether it is in the design of a new hotel or a seasonal menu in one of our restaurants, we are committed to discovering and then delivering what today’s customer demands. Our promise is to provide consistently courteous and efficient service, clean and well-maintained facilities, and good value through a team of dedicated employees.

We are constantly evaluating our product and improving it to meet the needs of our customers and the local marketplace.