Northland Properties



Northland Properties Corporation and its companies share a common philosophy. We believe our employees are the most valuable asset, and as partners in our quest for excellence, they deserve the best environment possible in which to work.

We believe:

  • All employees should be treated fairly, respectfully, and equally, free from harassment or discrimination of any kind.
  • We communicate with our employees through an active ‘open door’ policy.
  • In listening to our employees and eliminating barriers to communication at all levels of the company.
  • In providing a safe and healthy workplace.
  • In recognizing performance, seniority, and availability in matters of scheduling, promotion, or transfer.
  • In encouraging the ongoing training and development of our employees to foster promotion from within.
  • In a fair wage and benefits package as reflected in the local marketplace.
  • In the right of our employees to a fair and equitable grievance procedure with no fear of reprisal.
  • In recognizing those individuals who set and achieve their goals.