Our Vision

At Northland, we do business that just makes sense. We purchase and build upon our own property, and we also use our own construction and design teams.


Our Vision

We create a strong synergy between our brands. During our planning phase, we tailor our various products and brands to the local marketplace. Often, at our locations, you will see more than one brand working together to compliment a specific site.

By uniting our brands, we further strengthen our clients’ experiences – whether it is at a Sandman, Moxie’s, Shark Club, Denny’s, office building, or beyond, and thereby reinforcing our vision.


Our People

Our people are our strength. At Northland, we value those who have the vision and passion to take what they are given and make it better. It is important for us to create a work environment that fosters growth and opportunity because each and every person here is an essential part of the whole.

Many of our personnel have been with us for years because our infrastructure promotes both personal and professional growth in a multitude of ways. By nurturing progress in our people, we nurture progress in our business, and this is the ultimate partnership.

We are always seeking talent that strives for excellence; we welcome you to join our team.