Pawan Kumar

General Manager | Denny’s Millwoods

Pawan joined Denny’s Sherwood Park location in 2014 as a Food Service Supervisor under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. As Pawan started his new career in Canada, he had no idea that these first few decisions would start him on a path that would introduce him to new possibilities –both professionally and personally.

In 2016, Pawan received his Permanent Residency and quickly advanced to Restaurant Manager. From there he was appointed to the role of Store Leader, and then eventually settling into his current role as General Manager at the Denny’s Millwoods location. It was at Denny’s Millwoods that Pawan developed his passion for leadership and development, and soon realized his dreams of becoming a Training Manager. That new accomplishment resulted in the Denny’s Millwoods location becoming a Training store in his district.

“I love working for Denny’s.” says Pawan. This is evident in the passion and dedication he has with his restaurant team and is shared by his employees with their focus on guest service. The store received 256 Google reviews in the last 30 days! “Ha!”, says Pawan, “We can get more!”