Rene Ortiz

Regional Training Manager | Moxies

Rene joined Moxies in 2007 on a day he describes as lucky 07/07/2007. He started his journey as a busser and quickly took on the challenge of becoming an expert at every front-of-house position at Moxies: server, bartender, supervisor, and manager. Upon graduation, Rene decided to make Moxie’s his career choice because “Moxies has provided me with so many unique opportunities that I would never have received anywhere else.” In 2013 Rene became a General Manager, and after four successful years, he was promoted to Executive General Manager. Today Rene is the Regional Training Manager and empowers others to succeed. He works closely with Operations, Internal Development, and the Learning and Development departments to train and support Moxie’s General Managers, Chefs, and Managers to become industry leaders while ensuring all new initiatives and restaurant tools are best in class to drive every Moxies restaurant towards success.

The most enjoyable part of working at Moxies for Rene is the feeling of connectedness amongst all team members, coupled with the incredible opportunities available across Canada. “I love the feeling of family. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the team, have been around for 20 years, or if you work at a corporate or franchise location, sharing the same values and goals aligns everyone.” While many know that Rene’s favourite food is Cheese Burgers, few realize he once ate 12 cheeseburgers in a single sitting as part of a Cheese Burger Challenge! Rene’s passion for people and his sense of challenge for success makes him a critical part of our team, and we are so proud he chose us to be his ‘work’ family!